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Top Picnic Tips which we have to know

Until you go, you forget how many things there are to remember! Check our tips to ensure your picnic goes smoothly.

What to check:

  • Check the weather of your desired picnic location and pack umbrellas just in case.

What to prepare:


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  • Take separate cool bags: one for your chilled foods (quiches, ham etc.) and one for drinks – alternatively use a mini fridge for the drinks to keep things really cool!
  • Individual portions: try packing your food in individual portions before you go, then you won’t need to pack serving spoons– this has the added bonus of making it easier to separate the picnic into several bags and therefore easier to carry

What to take:


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  • Portable Barbeques: if you’re going to barbeque your food, a small gas-powered portable BBQ is ideal - they are easy to transport and start and are not very smoky so other picnickers will not be disturbed.

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  • Waterproof rug: make sure you’ve got a waterproof picnic blanket to stop everyone getting damp while sitting down.
  • Stay safe: remember to leave some space for a small first aid kit and some sun cream. Keep everybody’s skin safe in the sun – and that goes for the adults as well as the kids!
  • Pack extra games: to keep the kids happy, remember to take along some outdoor games – and why not take a good book or radio for yourself !

What to do when you get there:

  • Choosing your location: make sure you respect other picnickers’ space by giving them adequate room, especially if you’re BBQing or playing games
  • Keeping bugs at bay: when you arrive at your picnic spot, sprinkle some insect repellent (you can even use talcum powder – and it smells better!) all around to keep the bugs away whilst you’re eating
  • Cool items in the shade: remember to keep any cooler bags in the shade to maintain their low temperature and include ice blocks inside
  • Extra plastic bags: Remember to take some extra plastic bags (carrier bags are ideal) to pack away all the leftovers and dirty plates once you’ve finished eating – leave the picnic site exactly as you found it
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