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Romantic Valentine's Day Picnic

If you want real romance is there anything more romantic than a Valentine's Day Picnic?

Whether you live in a mild climate or the frozen north there is a way to have the picnic of your dreams.  Use some imagination, a couple of really easy recipes, and a great go with wine, and you can't miss.

The biggest mistake that most people make is to try to make something that is complex.  The easier and less stressful you keep the picnic the more romantic it will be.  Try not to build up unreasonable expectations but determine to enjoy it for what it is.  A fun, romantic evening for you and your mate.  Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead and everything should go off smoothly.

Basic Checklist

Here is the basic checklist of what you need to do to pull this picnic off.

Arrange a babysitter.  Even if you will be picnicking at home arrange for the kids to be somewhere else.

Plan the venue.  Are you going to have a theme? Are you planning a certain location?  Think about what seems the most romantic to you and then do what you need to do to create that ambiance.

Plan the food.  Keep the menu simple and light, especially if you are planning a post picnic seduction.  

Plan the entertainment.  After you eat will you just talk? Play a game? Watch a movie? Slow dance to your favorite oldies?

Plan to make a memory.  Make sure that there is something special and memorable.  A special gift, a special event...something to make the evening memorable forever.

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