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Business Success Stories 1: How We Finished Walmart Willow Picnic Baskets Order in 2000.

willow picnic baskets

We received one really big order from Walmart’s purchase agent in Nov 2000 for 45000pcs of willow picnic baskets, it was about 40×40’ containers. We had to ship all the containers of goods before April. But we had our Chinese Lunar Chinese New Year holiday in between for about 15 days in early Feb. If as usual we would have our 15 days lunar Chinese New Year’s holiday for all our workers, we would not be able to finish our this order of willow picnic baskets before April 2001.

Therefore I had to have a meeting to talk to all our workers in our factory to have them stay in our factory that year for their lunar Chinese New Year holiday in order to finish our order for Walmart. I had told our workers that it’s our great honor to received such a big order of the willow picnic baskets from Walmart, therefore we had to do our best effort to finish the goods on time for Walmart, but if as usual we had 15 days holiday for the new year, we would be 100% sure that we would not be able to finish our delivery before April 2001. We promised the workers to spend a nice holiday in our factory instead of going back home with their family and after we finished our order in April, our workers could ask for a long time holiday to go back home to meet their family after April. As a good result all our workers agreed to stay in our factory to work for us during Chinese New Year.

Our order finished as expected in time and when the inspector first came to inspect the whole lot of our order of 45000pcs in one time, we passed the inspection easily since we have used to manufacture good quality of picnic baskets for years and the workers working sincerely for us in order to finish the good quality of products in time. Everybody was cheering up and happy when we passed the inspection and we shipped all our goods accordingly.

willow picnic baskets

The next 2 days just after we shipped all our goods, one male worker came to my office to ask for a leave for a holiday immediately. He told me that he and his girl friend, who was both working for us as a worker in our factory should have a wedding during our Lunar New Year, just because of our big order from Walmart and we asked them all to stay in our factory in order to finish our order in time, they change their wedding day for us! I could not believe it! I immediately asked him why he changed his wedding day since it was so important for them in their life and he should go with her girl friend back to their hometown to marry during the New Year since a lot of friends of them might be able to attend their wedding during that holiday. He told me shyly that if he and his girl friend asked for a leave during our lunar holiday, other workers might find more excuse and ask for a leave too. Then we won’t be able to finish our order for Walmart for sure. He is so considerate and thoughtful for us! I was moved very much. I think it’s much because of our kindness that our worker treated us so nicely and even willing to postpone their wedding to finish our order first. I thanked for his kindness and really move by what he and his’ girl friend’s did for us. I immediately gave him lucky red pocket with some amount in it as a wedding gift for them and wish their happy marriage.

I thought if we had such kind of workers who was 100% thoughtful for us, how we worried that we could not finish any big order in the future! It’s just a simple real story showing us how nice our worker treated us and from this story you know that it must be our kindness daily to our workers that led to all our workers treat us nicely too like this young couple. Thanks for all my workers! Without your supports we could not do anything and from this story we also learned that our daily kindness to treat our workers have moved them to treat us the same way. As always we will treat our workers like a brothers and sisters, only by doing so we can build our big kingdom of wicker products in China.

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