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Business Success Stories 2: How We Finished Walamrt's Wire and Plastic Tube Container's Big Order in 3 Months Without Having the Capacity at the Beginning?

One day back in 2004, I got an urgent phone call from Benny, the president of Shanghai soap manufacturer, a very big company in the soap industry from HK. He asked me whether I could make two urgent samples for a wire container with plastic tube circle in the body in 2pm that day since he needed such samples for a meeting with Walmart’s buyer in that afternoon time. I looked at the watch it was already 10AM in the morning, that means we need to finish the two samples within 4 hours and we also need to send the samples to his Longgang factory, the suburbs of Shenzhen. It’s really a tough and urgent case for us since we only had one sample maker and one wire welding machine in our Shenzhen factory, no plastic tube on our hand, we also need to bring our samples of the wire frame to plating before we circled the plastic tube into it. But we did it just in time for them! I thought nobody but only we could make it. As always we used to do things in high efficiency. When our people sending the 2 samples to Benny’s Longgang’s factory it’s just 2pm. Benny is very much moved by how fast we make our samples and how nice our sample looked.

wire baskets

He put his soap into our wire and plastic tube baskets, it’s look just perfect and they had a very successful meeting with the Walmart’s buyers, Benny informed us that Walmart going to order about 35×40’ container of just this wire containers from us! I could not imagine it, just because of our high efficiency to make 2 samples we can receive such a big orders within one day!

wire baskets

We supposed to finish such big order for the wire container in our Guangxi factory since we had all our machines and workers there. But Benny asked me why now finished such a big order in Shenzhen since the plastic tube factory was in Shenzhen, also we needed finally delivery our good to their longgang factory also in Shenzhen. If we shipped the big wire container from Guangxi to Shenzhen it would cost of a lot of freight we also had the chance to break some of his goods during transportation and further we also needed to transport the plastic tube back to Guangxi too. I agreed with him that it’s not a good way to produce such a big order from them in our Guangxi factory and immediately agreed to manufacture such a big order for them in our Shenzhen factory!

But we did not have any worker for the wire containers in Shenzhen, no even the machine, we only have one sample maker and one wire welding machine to make samples only, how we could finish such a big order within 3 months? But I did it! I immediately bought about 30 wire welding machine and other needed machines and asked our samples maker to go back to Guangxi to find more workers to work in our Shenzhen factory for such an order. I just wondered why Benny not send a single person to check whether we were capable of manufacturing such a big order for him since I have only one sample maker and one machine at the very beginning and maybe our factory was not big enough too. He did not do such a factory audit with us, He trusted us 100% in our ability just simply kept in mind that we were such a high efficiency persons if we decided to make anything we could make it. It was really unusually for him gave us such a big trust for us since it’s also the first time to do business with them. He did nothing just in believe in us and we could make it for him.

It’s really not easy for us to arrange such a big order from nothing to all the process of manufacture of such a big order of wire containers! Firstly, the workers we found from Guangxi not at all used to our strict management-we had very strict system of our quality control, every simple step we had the right people to check for us and made sure it’s good and correct that we could pass it to the next step. All the workers complained to us that we were the strictest manufacture of wire containers in the world! They just simply not used to it. Further they were used to be a farmer freedom workers at their hometown and now they had to obey a lot of rules and regulations in our factory. They would like to go out for a playing of card and snookers daily, but we forbidden them to do so during our working time since we had to finish our goods in time.

Most of the workers were not used to the way to manufacture our wire basket and strict control therefore they went to strike for several times, one was for raising the unit labor cost due to our strict control of the quality, we talked to them and agreed to raise some labor cost for them if our strict quality control really effected them slowness in production. They also went to strike just because of strict management, we also talked with them and told them all we need to do was together finishing our orders in time for our customers, only then they got good pay and we got a happy customer and only from this we could receive our long term orders by return. No matter how tough it’s we had to pass it.

3 months later, Benny sent two inspectors to our factory to inspection the whole lot of order‘s quality. It’s the first time for them to do business with a new vendor that could in the first time passed the quality check, the two inspectors are very satisfied with our whole lot of order’s quality and reported to Benny that we had make excellent quality baskets for them. Even the order is for Walmart we had used most strict quality control as if we had to ship our goods to Germany. Benny told his inspections for future Sharon’s order no need to come to inspection. He was really giving us 100% trust at that time for this a trial big order. From no worker and machine that we could finish our first quality of goods to them within just 3 months! From then on, Benny continuously give us repeat orders of many different kinds of wire containers.

Finally we want to say nothing is impossible for Sharon if you just trust us and in return you will have good quality of goods in time for you, you don’t need to worry anything. That is our way of business now. If we can finish such tough big order, how come we can not finish your orders? Finally we need to thanks for all our workers’ hardworking, without their supports we could really not finish it.

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