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Business Success Stories 3: How we finished Macy's star wire mesh container's order in 2002!

In year of 2002, I was recommended by my classmate Albert a big US importer-Pearl, the president of the US importer, who was a regular supplier of Macy in USA. Pearl emailed me one day saying that Macy wanted a star container made of wire, the star is the logo of Macy. We needed to come out with a design of low cost wire star container. We immediately attended to it and came out with a low cost wire mesh gold color container. We immediately made a sample of the golden wire mesh star container and sent it to Pearl, Pearl and her customers liked the design very much and also appreciated with our low price since they just needed this star container to pack their body lotion into them, therefore the low price cost will enable them to give us a rather big order in return. Pearl gave us about 10x40’ containers to begin with. There was really a very big order for such a small star wire mesh containers. 

Pearl in the end of this order also asked us to source a PVC shrink wrapped bag for Macy and just because they needed to finally pack all the body lotion into the wire mesh star container and then shrink wrapped them with a clear PVC bag. There were a lot of different kinds of PVC shrink wrapped bag quality in China. We just charge Pearl the cost of standard PVC bag and not make any profit from it since we really want to help her. We finally decided to buy the best quality PVC bag for pearl, for us a simple extra thing we wanted to make it perfect.

2 or 3 months passed, we shipped as schedule all our goods, Pearl not even came to inspect our goods, not to mentioned her not plan to arrange any 3rd party to have our factory audit, As agreed we shipped the goods all on time to Pearl including the PVC bag. When the containers arrived in USA Pearl informed us that they received very good quality of baskets and most impression it that they never received such good quality shrink wrapped PVC bag from China. Their final buyer Macy said to Pearl, in future you should let Sharon to buy us all the PVC shrink wrapped bag for us and we was for sure the right sourcing for them.

From this story you will come to know us more, we are really care how our customers finally think about us, we would like to pay extra to buy the best quality of goods for our customers and customer’s satisfaction is most important for us. Simple a PVC bag will reveal how we treat our business seriously, we not only can finish such a big order in time for Pearl and for Macy without any factory audit and inspection, we also pay more attention to the trivial small things we sourced for our customers. We believed only we treated our customers nicely that would bring long term happy customers for us. From then on Pearl continuously gave us more and more orders! That is how our business growing, we treat our customers like friends, I thought one day they will be moved by how good we are and as always cherish our business’ relation with them.

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